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Proper monitoring and medication is the key to keep diabetes under control. Don't hesitate, grab your diabetic supplies to keep an eye on your condition. We offer you diabetes supplies and diabetic meters for free or no cost based on your medicare package. Our diabetes supply package includes gluco-meter, test strips and lancets. Use your medicare benefits wisely.

Did You Know?

Medicare beneficiaries who have been diagnosed with diabetes are often unaware that they may qualify for free diabetic supplies under Medicare benefits.

Mostly, they are confused about the extent of available coverage, eligibility criteria, and which Medicare Plans apply to each of the various diabetes benefits.

In addition, Medicare offers, to those who qualify, other related diabetic services and medications that many are not aware are available to take advantage of.

Diabetes-Supply.US – Your Diabetic Supplies Partner

Diabetes-Supply.US aims to achieve excellence in customer care, and deliver quality supplies for free or no cost. We are a leading player in the field of diabetes supplies in United States Market. We offer top quality diabetic supplies from leading brands, Diabetic Recipes, Informative Booklets and other resources from trained professionals.

Join us fellow Americans, and enjoy the convenience, reliability and customer support we provide in continuing diabetes management.

24- hour Customer Support

Reach us round the clock at our toll free number or just fill out the form and let our representative to call you back.

We provide you with personalized packages satisfying your healthcare supply needs.

Cost Savings on your Medicare Diabetes Supplies

  • Free Shipping
  • Free Diabetic Supply upgrades
  • No up-front costs and Medicare/private insurance verification

Branded Diabetic Products

  • Glucose meters, test strips, and controls
  • Syringes and insulin pen needles
  • Lancing devices and lancets
  • Insulin pumps and infusion sets

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed!

  • Knowledgeable and experienced representatives
  • Clear explanation of coverage/benefits
  • Reliable delivery with all orders tracked
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